Civil Rights

Few things are worse than when those sworn to uphold the law break it. If this has happened to you, Goetz & Eckland is there to protect your rights and vindicate your wrong. For nearly two decades, our lawyers have been “fighting city hall” for clients beaten, shot, or falsely arrested by police officers; clients abused, assaulted, or denied obviously necessary medical care by jailers or prison officials; and other clients who have been deprived of their constitutional rights by government officials.

Civil rights cases are complex, expensive, and hard fought. Defendants often claim immunity. Our lawyers have been able to convince judges to reject these claims. Our civil rights team has tried many civil rights cases in state and federal courts. We know what it takes to win these challenging cases.

Goetz obtains recovery for man beaten by St. Paul police

Frederick Goetz obtains recovery for man beaten by St. Paul police during drug arrest. Read Pioneer Press article.

Notable Civil Rights Cases

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Not every problem has the same solution. Some solutions require hard-nosed litigation, while other solutions require diplomacy to negotiate a compromise. Whatever the approach, our attorneys dedicate themselves to practicing with unwavering professionalism and integrity.
  • Minneapolis v. Freedom Fighters
    $800,000 to settle a lawsuit related to the arrest of members of the Freedom Fighters
    Civil Rights
  • Hoyland v. McMenomy
    No Immunity for Civil Rights Claim
    Civil Rights
  • Craighead v. Lee
    $400,000 settlement—the largest settlement ever paid by the City of St. Paul in a civil rights case—for the children of a good Samaritan killed by a St. Paul Police Officer.
    Civil Rights
  • Doe v. Municipality
    Injunction obtained preventing a municipality’s police officers from unreasonably violating the privacy rights of a compliant low level sex offender.
    Civil Rights
  • J.B. v. Douglas County
    $225,000 settlement for client against jail medical staff who failed to address appendicitis.
    Civil Rights
  • J.T. v. Olmstead County
    $155,000 settlement for female inmate sexually assaulted by jailer.
    Civil Rights
  • K.D. v. Dodge County
    $150,000 settlement for woman sexually assaulted by police officer.
    Civil Rights
  • O.W. v. City of Minneapolis
    $150,000 settlement for client who was wrongfully shot in leg by police officer.
    Civil Rights
  • S.H. v. City of Faribault
    $217,500 settlement for woman coerced into sexual relationship with police officer.
    Civil Rights

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We are doing every day what we set out to do—to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. We work closely with our client to make sure we understand how we can best help them. We are practical lawyers who heavily invest ourselves in the outcome of our clients' cases.

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