Wendland v. Cutting Edge Property Maintenance v. Schweiger and Springis-Doss
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The case of Wendland v. Cutting Edge v. Schweiger and Springis-Doss involved a five-car pile-up on I-35N at the split with Hwy 36E. Liability was hotly disputed as Ms. Schweiger slowed to a stop in her lane of moving traffic in an attempt to merge left into traffic headed north. Plaintiff braked hard to keep from hitting Ms. Schweiger. Cutting Edge’s driver braked hard to try to keep from hitting Plaintiff, but was unable. Cutting Edge’s driver was then hit from behind by Springis-Doss and pushed into Plaintiff again. At the scene, Plaintiff functioned normally, was taken to an emergency room and diagnosed with whiplash. Over the next days and months, Plaintiff became more and more disabled and claimed a traumatic brain injury from the accident. Prior to the accident, Plaintiff worked as an associate attorney at a prominent downtown law firm. Plaintiff claimed she could no longer work after the accident. The jury trial in Hennepin County lasted almost three weeks with Judge Lois Conroy presiding. Plaintiff asked the jury to award 25 million dollars, including 10 million in past and future wage loss and loss of earning capacity. Deborah Eckland and Greg Young represented Cutting Edge. The jury came back and placed all fault on Cutting Edge’s driver. But the jury awarded only $610,000 in damages, much of which was for past medical expenses and wage loss that Plaintiff received from other sources. A big victory for Cutting Edge on damages.