Judy Lowell v. London Road Car Wash, Inc.
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The case of Lowell v. London Road Wash, Inc. (St. Louis County District Court, 2014) was tried before a jury in June 2014. Ms. Lowell alleged that the car wash was negligent in allowing customers into the lube center, causing personal injury to Ms. Lowell when a car lift lowered onto her foot. Ms. Lowell also alleged that the car wash’s safety training and procedures were insufficient.

Alan King and Rachel Osdoba defended London Road in this personal injury action. London Road’s argument was that customers need to exercise reasonable care and caution when entering the lube shop, especially when they are around the lifts. One of the central issues in the case was whether the lift operator could have seen plaintiff walk over to her vehicle as the lift was lowering.

Plaintiff requested damages of $225,000 for medical expenses and pain and suffering. London Road suggested that the jury find no liability and approximately $23,000 in damages. The parties had stipulated to $17,789 in past medical expenses as being reasonable and necessary; however, London Road never conceded that it was the party responsible for them. The jury agreed and returned a defense verdict—zero liability on London Road.