Jane Doe v. Commercial Trucking Company
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Every case is different and this case was no exception. Alan King and Chelsea Gauger represented a trucking company in an auto accident case where the pro-se Plaintiff was not in a position to evaluate, or litigate the case, on her own. After settling the case, Plaintiff even went to the Court of Appeals, seeking to have her case re-heard. Although the case was ripe for summary judgment on the issue of liability, Alan and Chelsea moved the court to appoint a guardian ad litem for Plaintiff, in order for her to have the assistance she needed to get the case resolved. In the end, the case was successfully resolved with the court’s approval, and Plaintiff’s interests were protected through the motion practice of Alan and Chelsea. Although the case was vigorously defended, there is also the human side to practicing law. This case illustrated the importance of that, and being professional and respectful, no matter who your adversary is.