No Coverage under Auto Liability Policy
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In a case involving an auto accident and injury to a passenger, the Court held there was no coverage under the “Public or Livery Conveyance Exclusion Endorsement” to an Auto Liability Policy when the insured used a personal vehicle to transport members of the public to and from medical appointments. The Policy defined public or livery conveyance as using an insured vehicle by any insured “who is logged into a transportation network platform as a driver.” The Court held that the insured’s use of a personal van in the insured’s transportation business in which customers called to arrange for rides for compensation, was a transportation network platform, even though the transportation business did not utilize an online ordering system like Uber or Lyft. The Court further held that the Public or Livery Conveyance Exclusion is consistent with Minnesota’s laws allowing such exclusions “for vehicles used to carry persons or property for a charge or available for hire by the public.” Minn. Stat. § 65B.472, subd. 4.