DHS v. Debbie Doe
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Deborah Eckland and Ariel Pittner represented Debbie Doe in a Disqualification and License Revocation action instituted by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights (Anoka County). The provider committed various infractions for which she was issued correction orders. She always made the necessary corrections pursuant to the orders. Then, a parent who was behind in payments accused her of letting her child sleep in a car seat wherein the child had a bowel movement that caused a rash up his back. Based on this event and complaint, DHS revoked Ms. Doe’s license.

In her Hearing Memorandum, Ms. Doe pointed out the minor nature of the past infractions and the ulterior motive of the parent making the report and was able to settle the case short of a hearing. DHS reversed the revocation and issued a reasonable conditional license instead.