DHS v. Carol and Bob Doe
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Deborah Eckland and Chelsea Gauger represented Carol and Bob Doe in a finding of maltreatment action. Carol and Bob Doe provided in-home daycare out of their home. Ms. Doe was the primary caregiver, and Mr. Doe was authorized to provide care as a second caregiver. A disgruntled parent reported that her children were maltreated by the Doe's. After receiving the report, the County initiated a maltreatment investigation, and subsequently determined that 1) Ms. Doe was responsible for maltreatment, 2) that Mr. Doe was responsible for maltreatment, and 3) that the daycare was responsible for maltreatment.

Knowing that the parent's report was false and meritless, the Doe's requested reconsideration of the findings. The requests persuaded the County that it had not met its burden with respect to the findings of maltreatment. Accordingly, the County reversed all of its findings of maltreatment.