Daycare and Criminal Investigation Results in No Maltreatment Findings
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Greg Young and Chelsea Gauger represented a daycare provider in a maltreatment of a minor investigation and Temporary Immediate Suspension licensing action in Dakota County. The maltreatment investigation followed a report of a serious injury to a minor child that attended the client’s daycare. The client’s daycare license was immediately suspended following the report, and in light of licensing violations that the County claimed were serious.

Greg represented the client during the Child Protection Services and police investigation. No criminal charges were ever brought against the client following multiple witness interviews.

Chelsea represented the client in the daycare licensing action. Chelsea argued that the client’s license should be reinstated because the client was not responsible for causing the alleged injury. Chelsea also argued that any licensing violations cited by the County were either corrected by the client or were not serious violations that would support a license suspension. The Administrative Law Judge agreed with these arguments, and ultimately recommended that the Commissioner of DHS reinstate the client’s daycare license. The Commissioner of DHS adopted the Judge’s recommendation, and the client’s daycare license was reinstated.