State v. G.C.
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In State v. G.C. (Ramsey County District Court, 2014), a second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon charge was filed against G.C. following a stabbing. At the time of the incident, G.C. had gone to a residence with three acquaintances. The group had finished a long week of work and were unwinding. The four individuals consumed several alcoholic beverages each. In the early morning hours that followed, G.C. allegedly stabbed one of the acquaintances. The alleged victim sustained a large laceration across his chest that required 18 stitches to close. G.C., an El Salvadoran, faced imprisonment and potential deportation if convicted of the felony charge.

Greg Young tried the case. The evidence at trial showed that before the stabbing all the witnesses consumed large amounts of alcohol. Greg was able to impeach the State’s key witnesses with contradictions in their testimony to the evidence gathered during the law enforcement investigation. Additionally, the alleged victim testified that G.C. attacked him without provocation. G.C., however, testified that he acted in self-defense as the alleged victim “came at him.” The central issue at trial was the witnesses’ credibility.

The trial lasted three days. In closing, Greg argued that G.C. was credible and acted reasonably in self-defense. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.