Weis Builders v. Roof Man Roofing
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In The English Manor Homes at City Walk Condominium Association v. LeCesse Development Corporation and Weis Builders, Inc. v. Roof Man Roofing, et al (Washington County District Court, 2012), the Association sued the developer and general contractor alleging construction defect and water intrusion damages in excess of $30 million. The general contractor, in turn, brought claims against the subcontractors involved in the construction of this luxury multi-until residential development, including the roofing subcontractor, Roof Man Roofing. The general contractor claimed that the roofing work performed by Roof Man caused significant property damage.

Dan Singel and Michael Belaen defended Roof Man against the general contractor’s claims. After more than two years of litigation, Dan and Michael brought a motion for summary judgment arguing that the general contractor’s claims should be dismissed as a matter of law because there was no evidence connecting Roof Man’s work to any of the property damage observed throughout the property. The district court agreed and dismissed the general contractor’s claims.

Following the district court’s ruling, Dan and Michael brought a motion requesting the district court to order the general contractor to reimburse Roof Man for the costs it incurred in having to defend itself in this action. The district court awarded Roof Man more than $24,000 in costs and disbursements.